Introducing Audiobooks

Marla Wilson/ October 19, 2020/ Audiobooks, How to, New features/ 0 comments

How to search, find, and listen to Audiobooks to your Glose account:

Go to “Bookstore” in the top bar.

On the left bar, located the section titled “Audiobooks”.

  • Select a genre and locate text within.
  • Alternatively, type in the title of the Audiobook in the search bar and look for the headphone icon to identify an Audiobook result.

Select the Audiobook of choice and click the green “Listen Now” button.

How to add an Audiobook to your classroom or Glose account:

In your classroom, click on ‘Books’ from the top bar.

In the left gray box that says ‘To add a book, search in our library of over 1 million titles, including 4,000 free literary classics’ type in the title of the Audiobook.

Click on the Audiobook title from the drop down bar.

The Audiobook is now added to your classroom bookshelf! From Your Classroom Books, click on the Audiobook to start listening now. An audio player will appear at the bottom of your screen allowing you to:

  • Listen
  • Rewind
  • Adjust volume
  • Fast forward
  • Change playback speed
  • Navigate to Table of Contents
  • Add a Bookmark
  • Close Player
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