Webinar: Social Reading in an Era of Social Distancing

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Recap of Social Reading in an Era of Social Distancing

Social distancing has created a waterfall of change within school systems and student learning environments.  Glose for Education walks listeners through the myriad of roadblocks our ‘new normal’ have held back our student readers.  The webinar, presented by EdWeb, used analysis of current reading trends resulting from educational shifts since Covid-19 has hit our nation.  Nicolas Princen, founder and CEO of Glose was led by dynamic host, Jim McVety, Managing Partner at First Step Advisors, to uncover 4 stages of Remote Engagement and how teachers can learn best by emulating each other.  If you weren’t able to join, you can watch the webinar here, or read below for the 5 most impactful portions of their presentation!

Social distancing creates distance between teens and traditional ways of reading for pleasure

Jim and Nicolas discuss upticks in data regarding teen use of social media versus time spent reading for pleasure, especially now in the era of social distancing.  New narratives and new ways of interacting with reading are necessary for teens to find literature appealing again.  Nicolas uncovers three ways teen isolation is inhibiting reading relationships and unpacks the effect social distancing in the classroom is having on the current teenage generation.

Consequences of isolated learning experiences is very real

Three major consequences have been identified as a result of the long-term shift of moving students from classrooms to distance learning scenarios.  Nicolas provides hard data points around the impact these swift changes have had on our learners.  Listen in as he lays the foundation for the reasons behind the urgent push to reconnect students to reading in their remote learning environments.

 Learn from those who master the art creating engagement remotely

Teachers feel the struggle when losing the physical presence of their students inside a classroom.  Look towards those experiences, institutions, and interactive platforms that are leading the way in making distance learning engaging and exciting.  Jim and Nicolas examine different models that are thriving right now. 

The 4 stages of sustained remote engagement

From ‘Response’ to ‘Progress’, timing is the key to remote learning.  Our speakers provide supportive information of the 4 stages of remote engagement.  Nicolas walks us through each stage and how the framework can be used by teachers around the country to accommodate our new way of learning.

Glose for Education’s interactive ebook platform makes reading exciting and inviting again

Glose for Education’s intuitive platform can carry your classroom reading requirements, needs, and goals on any platform (including smartphones!), in any setting in which students are learning.  Nicolas walks through a tutorial of the Glose for Education’s ebook platform, where you can find free content, how to set goals, and how to track student reading statistics, and most importantly, how to adapt and personalize the reading experience for all readers. 

Glose for Education is your proud next generational digital reading platform for the classroom, library, and home.  If you’re interested in how Glose for Education can provide a collaborative reading platform for you and your classrooms, please reach out to us at hi@glose.education or visit Glose.education.

Building Literacy-Rich Environments

Literacy-rich environments focus on students being actively and meaningfully engaged in reading, writing, speaking, and listening with consideration of both digital and written formats.

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